Proven Maths Tuition that has produced “A” students

Individualised learning in classroom setting

“Teacher, I don’t know how to do this question.”

In the tuition market right now, most of the tuition centres are using Q&A style of teaching. Students are given assignments and assessment books to do. When they’re stuck, they’ll ask the tutor “How to do this”, “How to do that” without understanding why. They go home thinking they have mastered the topic for the day.

The problem becomes even more serious when the only form of Maths training in schools is simply mindless drilling of exam papers using facts and formulas taught in school.

Together, these teaching methods will work, only if your child is aiming for 50-60 marks for their Maths papers.

So how are the other kids scoring 80/90 marks?

For the past 12 years, Math Master Chin has been the secret weapon of numerous top Maths scorers. Interestingly, none were geniuses to begin with.They made careless mistakes. They struggled with problem sums. They got fed up with Maths. But kids are inherently curious & intelligent. Students do not thrive in school, not because of the lack of intelligence, but because the schools do not have the resources to cater to each and everyone. To date, I, Mr Chin, have helped countless students overcome their fear for Maths, survived, if not, aced their exams. My guarantee to all students:

If you give me your efforts, I will give you your distinction.

Here are some of the students I have helped:

“Mr Chin has helped me regain hopes for PSLE maths and while, obviously, I couldn’t scored A, the B I got is more than I could ever imagine”


Charmaine was your typical E student who did not know any of the basic skills needed to solve PSLE Maths problem sums.

“Mr Chin, thank you for teaching me for the past 5 years. Maths couldn’t be any easier”


Zech got an A in PSLE, A1 for E Maths and A2 for A Maths in ‘O’level.

“Thank you, Mr Chin. I got an A for PSLE”


I started teaching Yanling in Primary 4 and she was a C student. Soon, she was an A student.

Who Am I

I am the Maths Master, Mr Chin, and I have been teaching Maths for the past 12 years. From the number of students I have met and taught, I have developed my very own learning system for both Upper Primary and Secondary. It is a unique system where the concepts and skills, such as Math processing skill, are imparted to students in a systematic manner so that students can appreciate how easy Maths really is.

By understanding concepts, students can master Maths more effectively and see quick improvement in their grades.

Revealing The Success Formula For Math

More practice is not the answer!

Is your child facing difficulties in memorizing math formulae? Even if he/she seems to have understood the formula, he/she is somehow unable to apply it in exams to solve problem sums? After a while, the child may lose interest in Maths and become unmotivated to do more practice altogether, resulting in a vicious cycle that perpetuates poor grades. Giving your child more practice is merely treating the symptom instead of the root cause. It is akin to using weight loss pill to cure obesity, rather than exercising.

Mathematical process skills

Applying facts and formulas learnt in school only helps in solving 50-60% of the questions in an exam. But when students see a more complex question, that’s where they get stuck when they simply apply the method taught in school. Equations get more complicated (solving x2 instead of x), and there’s a higher chance of making careless mistakes. At Math Master Chin, we don’t drill formulas, but problem-solving skills. Once they learn the ability to make connections and right applications, your child will be able to use the same concept and techniques across all other topics.

Why struggle with Maths? With our help, you can be the next success story.

Chia Zi Qing –From F9 to B3

Eunice Law –From E8 to A1

Who We Help

Upper Primary

Some kids breeze through Lower Primary Maths easily. But when it comes to Upper Primary, they often experience a sharp increase in difficulty. Suddenly, they’re dealing with Algebra and tackling questions that require complex problem-solving skill. Help your child learn the effective approach in solving Maths questions so that when it comes to PSLE, you won’t have to panic because the foundations are set for your child to do well.

Lower Secondary

If Primary level Maths is a walk in the park, then Secondary level Mathswill be a climb up the mountain. The higher demands of the new syllabus and exam format will really stress out any Secondary 1 or 2 students. Our students, on the other hand, are taught Secondary 1 Algebra in Primary 5/6, allowing them to ease into Lower Secondary levels and giving them an edge over their peers.

Upper Secondary

Overloading content and assessments are common when exams are near. Not to mention at the end of Secondary education, it is the national exam that will determine your child’s future. You want your child to score well in order to enter his/her ideal Junior College or Polytechnic courses. Having strong knowledge in Maths can even lead your child to have a future career in finance and business sectors.

Why Choose Math Master Chin?

Small conducive learning

Due to their shorter attention span, individualized attention by teachers is vital for your child’s learning. While it is common to see class sizes of 18 students in other learning centres, our class size is capped at 8 and separated by their levels for focused learning.

Time tested technique

A lack of know-how is the biggest culprit behind poor Math grades. At their age, students need to be properly guided step-by-step in their thinking so that they know exactly what to do during the exams.Once they master our powerful concept and techniques, a 2-grade jump is within reach.

Mindful practices

The endless drilling on assessment books just doesn’t work anymore. Our class practices are specially chosen to pin-point the dos and don’ts when answering questions. By doing so, students learn not by rote memorization but through genuine understanding of concepts.

Don’t take our word for it!

Not sure if your child can apply our concept and techniques? There’s no need for second guessing. Come down for a free diagnostic consultation with myself, Math Master Chin! In 1 hr, I will diagnose your child’s current ability and identify what mistakes your child is making.

  • “On-The-Spot” Assessment: I will let your child attempt a diagnostic assessment specially created for the consultation to further pick out areas for improvement.
  • “Real-Time” Feedback & Explanation: Based on the assessment result, I will "hand hold" and guide him /her step-by-step on how to apply our tested and proven techniques.
  • Plus, I will share tips and actionable steps that will help your child improve at least 2 grades or more in their next Math test or exam!

If you are clueless about how your child can improve in Math because your child's school teachers are too busy to attend to you during Parents-Teachers Meeting...

Or if your child is currently still struggling with Math and stuck with poor grades despite attending tuition or working on countless practice papers...

Then you must schedule a diagnostic consultation right now to find out where your child's 'problematic areas' for improvement are.

You will discover the secret technique to mastering Math using proven concept and techniques so that your child can finally achieve better grades in Math.


Are your lessons designed according to MOE syllabus?

Can I consult the teacher outside of class?

How fast can I see results?

What if my child can’t make it for the lessons?

Are your tuition fees expensive?


It’s nothing new-almost all mainstream vocational courses such as Programming, Banking, Accountancy and Engineering come with high Math requirements. Reason being, Mathematics is the foundation of many advanced courses including Physics, Economics and more. Our leader, PM Lee is a Mathematics graduate himself and has repeatedly expounded the importance of this subject. Almost all spheres of knowledge trace back to Math.

However, research has shown that kids solidify their thinking once they are past adolescence (around Secondary school) and it’s very hard to course-correct at a later stage. Thankfully, you’re aware of the significance of setting your child on the right direction at an early age. We’re all geared up to partner with you on this journey to initiate a positive momentum in your child’s attitude towards Mathematics.

Go on this journey with us to create a new belief in your child, one that sustains itself indefinitely. Start to see your child coming to you with record high Math scores and unprecedented excitement in this subject. No longer do you need to coax and sweet-talk him into doing the once ‘boring’ Math questions. He will be the one taking the initiative to do it because it is no longer a chore.

Free 1-hr Diagnostic Consultation with Math Master Chin

What are the careless mistakes your child is making? What are the blind spots that your child is unable to see? Does your child understand the requirements of the question?

In this free Diagnostic Consultation, you will discover your child’s ‘problematic’ spots and what your child must do to impress the PSLE or Cambridge markers so as to be placed in a higher band.

You are highly encouraged to bring your child’s exam papers along to receive customised feedback during the consultation.

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