Thank you, Mr Chin. I got an A for PSLE”
I started teaching Yanling in primary 4 and she was a C student. Soon, she was an A student.
Student: Yanling
Everyone in my class is asking me maths questions and some of them are so stupid that they cannot even solve simple equations”.
Jansher is an international student (equivalent to sec 4) from India. When I started teaching him, he had a poor foundation in algebra. Maths became easy to him shortly after.
Student: Jansher Singh
Mr Chin, this Benjamin scored 80+ for his exams and he will be taking Add Maths in sec 3. How much are you charging next year?”
Benjamin was again one of those typical student who could not understand anything in school and was always failing. He was, in fact, quite a slow learner, but hardworking. Mrs Leong was sadly, the only mother so far who increased my tuition fee voluntarily. No problem! I have since increased my price.
Mrs Leong
Mr Chin has helped me regain hopes for PSLE maths and while, obviously, I couldn’t scored A, the B I got is more than I could ever imagine”
Charmaine was your typical E student who did not know any of the basic skills needed to solve PSLE maths problem sums.
Student: Charmaine
Mr Chin, the test is good. I got higher than 80% again.”
Gurnihal Singh. Gurnihal is the younger brother of Jansher
Mr Chin, thank you for teaching me for the past 5 years. Maths couldn’t be any easier”
Zech got an A in PSLE. A1 for E Maths and A2 for Add Maths in O level. In Primary 6, every lesson is 3 hours!! In secondary, every lesson is 1 hour 30 minutes.
Student: Zech
When you teach, I 5 min can understand everything. When my teacher teach, I always sleep”
Student: Nicholas Lai.


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